Recipes for PublicityElizabeth Yarnell


For more than three years I’ve been a publicity student, instructor, coach, and mentor. I have traveled all over the country and cyberspace to learn the secrets to selling my book without spending a fortune with a public relations agency. I have studied with the masters, and then taught authors, small business owners, and others these successful techniques through publicity seminars, workshops, and publicity coaching.

As a result, I have sold tens of thousands of my independently-published cookbook, Glorious One-Pot Meals: A new quick & healthy approach to Dutch oven cooking. And landed a publishing contract with a major publishing house.

Publicity can grow a business, sell a book, create an expert. For FREE.

If this interests you, I invite you to follow along as I discuss the diverse paths to getting free publicity and becoming a celebrity expert. Expect to see everything from the traditional, tried-and-true routes for getting attention from the media to radical new strategies of internet marketing that will help drive traffic to your site so that potential fans and buyers find you and your product.

Onward and forward!

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