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Guesting on Podcasts Can Be Good Publicity

You probably have already figured out that having a regular podcast will expand your followers from readers into the realm of listeners. This is nothing to sneeze at, particularly since our modern world has given us so many ways to listen to podcasts during opportunities when we might not be reading, like when driving a […]

Blog Jog Day!

Welcome to Recipes for Publicity, your resource for social media, SEO, and traditional media ideas for bringing attention to you, your product or service. Some recent posts you might enjoy include: Keyword Research with the Google Wonder Wheel. Checklist for publicity resources. How non-profits can use social media on the go. FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD!!! Additionally, […]

Promote Your Blog with a Blog Jog!

Looking to find new eyeballs for your blog? I invite you to participate in the 2nd Blog Jog Day event sponsored by Carol Denbow on November 21, 2010. This fall season event has been deliberately scheduled just before the holidays so if you have products or books to promote you have a better chance of […]

Re-designing Your Website for Better SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means that a website is thoughtfully designed to increase rankings in search engines like Google and Yahoo. SEO practices change as search engines change their algorhythms to keep up with the changing landscape of the Internet, but a recent Hubspot article by Melanie Faria pointed out some easy ways you can […]

Keyword Research with Google Wonder Wheel

Google has this great new tool out to help you with keyword research. You do keyword research, right? This involves finding the most relevant keywords that people are using to search for your product/service on the web and is essential to bring web pages to the attention of search engines and searchers. A long tail […]

Checklist for Online Publicity Resources

Alyson Stanfield, a brilliant resource about the business of being an artist, offers a welcome checklist for when you want help promoting an event. “Other people can help you promote your art events more effectively if you offer a stash of publicity resources for their use,” she writes, continuing with a concise list of ways […]

An A-List Social Media Marketing Plan

Blogger and social media expert Social Steve laid out a solid marketing plan for using social media the right way about a year ago. Luckily for us, he has recently updated it because, as we all know, the online world changes quickly and what may have been true a year ago may not hold up […]

How Non-Profits Can Use Social Media On the Go

How is social media influencing the non-profit world? It is creating new ways of mobilizing activists, building communities of supporters, and helping the non-profits to raise funds and awareness through the immediacy and sharing aspects of Web 2.0. Nonprofitorgs writes: “Much to the chagrin of traditional media, the new leaders of the nonprofit sector will […]

Using Twitter Hashtags to Attract Followers

Today a member of one of my LinkedIn groups alerted us to this post on Socialbrite by Kim Bale describing 40 hashtags for social good. This post is helpful because not only does she give these invaluable #hashtags useful for promoting your do-good causes and helping to spread your message far and wide, but she […]

Get Radio Interviews:

Looking to expand your exposure? Radio can help. Whether it’s NPR, satellite radio, your local airwaves, or someone’s podcast, having your voice out there spreading your message doesn’t hurt. At best, you’ll make some sales and fortify your brand. At worst, you’ll have an audio file that you can offer to visitors on your website […]