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Guesting on Podcasts Can Be Good Publicity

You probably have already figured out that having a regular podcast will expand your followers from readers into the realm of listeners. This is nothing to sneeze at, particularly since our modern world has given us so many ways to listen to podcasts during opportunities when we might not be reading, like when driving a car or working out.

Podcasts have a whole syndication route that bring them far and wide across the web and can be a great vehicle for promoting your ideas and your brand.

It’s great if you can commit to recording and posting regular podcasts and building your own audience, but being a guest on someone else’s podcast can bring you lots of benefits as well.

Recently, I was interviewed on eHealth Radio about one of my favorite topics: food sensitivities and chronic physical distress. As a guest on an established podcast, I was introduced to a new audience with the enhanced credibility of a “guest expert”. I didn’t have to fight the technology to record, edit, post, distribute, or syndicate the podcast, though it is certainly something I can help to promote.

How to Find Podcasts to Guest On is one place where podcasters post queries looking for interviewees; HARO is another.

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