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Re-designing Your Website for Better SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) means that a website is thoughtfully designed to increase rankings in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

SEO practices change as search engines change their algorhythms to keep up with the changing landscape of the Internet, but a recent Hubspot article by Melanie Faria pointed out some easy ways you can improve your SEO when redesigning your website to make yourself easier to find for potential customers and maximize your exposure for potential publicity.

  1. Use keyword-rich page titles rather than simply a company name, your domain name, or worse, something completely generic like “About the author”.
  2. Align H1 tags (headings) with the page URL so that the search engines see some logic as they catalog the page.
  3. Use the metadescription tag to enhance the information displayed in search results and lure visitors to click.
  4. Be sure that your blog lives on your own URL and not on a blogging platform’s URL (i.e., This can be a nightmare to change later.
  5. Use more HTML text and less flash or graphics to help search engines understand more of what the site is about.
  6. Use a 301 redirect to reconcile with It’s just a little bit of code but it will keep all of your SEO juice in one place.
  7. Label and tag every image. Search engines do not know what an image shows unless you tell them, and your images won’t help your SEO if they are blank in Google’s eyes.

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