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Keyword Research with Google Wonder Wheel

Google has this great new tool out to help you with keyword research.

You do keyword research, right? This involves finding the most relevant keywords that people are using to search for your product/service on the web and is essential to bring web pages to the attention of search engines and searchers.

A long tail keyword contains descriptors or adjectives to further define your offering. Using a long tail keyword can help target your market and give you a better chance of ranking higher in the search engines. Ideally, you should use long tail keywords that are commonly searched in Google or other search engines.

Once you find the appropriate keywords, these become the basis for the pages on your websites, topics for blogposts, tags for photos, etc., etc. etc. This is all part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Google’s fun new tool is free (yay!) and fun to use. Simply plug in your keyword to Google and click the Show Search Tools link on the left side of the page of search results. You’ll see the Tools menu open up; then click on Wonder Wheel.

Here’s what I got when I started with “one pot meals”:

google wonder wheel keyword research

You can expand your search by clicking on any of the spokes and dig deeper to find the most frequently used long-tail terms that will bring your customers to you.

I love that my Glorious One-Pot Meals site comes up on the first page of query results for “one pot meals”, but I can already see more long-tail keywords that I should be targeting as well to boost my SEO.

Here’s Google’s step-by-step guide to using the Google Wonder Wheel. Have fun!

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