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Checklist for Online Publicity Resources

Alyson Stanfield, a brilliant resource about the business of being an artist, offers a welcome checklist for when you want help promoting an event.

“Other people can help you promote your art events more effectively if you offer a stash of publicity resources for their use,” she writes, continuing with a concise list of ways to make getting publicity for your event more user-friendly.

Online media rooms on your site are a must-have, but you should also provide guidance for promoting specific exhibit openings, workshops, demonstrations, fundraisers, and performances. You must make it easy for others to promote you.”

If you follow Alyson’s mantra of “make it easy for others” (following Alyson’s advice is always recommended! She knows of what she speaks.), you’ll already be thinking about some things people might need to have at hand to help you promote an event: the time, date, location, and topic would be standard, of course, but did you remember to helpfully provide images? Press release text? A summary?

How about offering ready-made blurbs about the event to Tweet or update a Facebook status?

I always appreciate how Alyson thinks of everything.

Perhaps the most important take-away from Alyson’s article is to give each event you want to promote its own dedicated web page containing all the information anyone could want to know.

Good advice to follow for better exposure and publicity for your events.

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