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How Non-Profits Can Use Social Media On the Go

How is social media influencing the non-profit world?

It is creating new ways of mobilizing activists, building communities of supporters, and helping the non-profits to raise funds and awareness through the immediacy and sharing aspects of Web 2.0.

Nonprofitorgs writes: “Much to the chagrin of traditional media, the new leaders of the nonprofit sector will function much like reporters. They will Tweet from location, break news on Facebook, send out group text calls to action, document in real-time photos and videos, and blog report backs live from events as they unfold.”

Nonprofitorgs gives 11 essential tools that the savvy new media manager should have and be using to position their non profit at the forefront. These start with the demand for using a smart phone and include mobile apps for:

– Twitter
– Facebook
– Foursquare
– Twitpic
– 12 Seconds TV
– Trottr
– TextPlus

Nonprofitorgs also recommends staying abreast of upcoming technology like Bump data sharing and accepting payments via mobile phone. Read the whole insightful article for ideas about how you can use these new technologies to raise awareness and spread your message.

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