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Could a video get you publicity?

Videos are a great media to employ for getting publicity for your product or message.  If your video is engaging enough, it could even go viral, which, let’s face it, is the dream of everyone who posts a video online.

I was impressed to watch this video put together by Brigette Mongeon, a sculptor and creative artist. She put together an artfully-edited video extolling the benefits of Peter  Shankman’s free service, Help A Reporter Out, or HARO. It’s fun to watch, gives usable information, and discusses a hot topic (free publicity, as if you had to ask).

Brigette’s HARO video promotes her business as well. Because the placement of her URL and discussion of her studio is embedded as a testimonial, it’s an effective piece of publicity for her and doesn’t come off like a straight advertising angle would have.

So, check it out and think about if a video could help you promote your business!

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