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Quantum Leap Free Teleseminar

Would you like to get a whole lot more national publicity and promotional exposure for what you do?
Want to be written-up in more magazines, newspapersand interviewed on top radio/TV shows?
How about getting lots of other people to eagerly promote your book, product or service?

Discover practical strategies you can use to promote almost any book, product or service at this free teleseminar to introduce Steve Harrison’s Quantum Leap coaching program.

Reserve your spot on this free 75-minute teleseminar – your choice of two time slots
on Thursday, April 23, 2008: either 2:00 pm Eastern (11:00 am Pacific OR 7:00 pm Eastern (4:00 pm Pacific).

Here’s a preview of what you’ll learn on the call and in the coaching program:

Here’s some of what you’ll discover on Thursday (in Steve’s own words):

* Five proven ways to create a compelling publicity “hook” or angle.

* Why conventional press releases are often not the best way to contact journalists and what to send instead.

* What a Good Morning America producer told me is the absolute best way to pitch his show — something very few publicity-seekers do but dramatically increases your chances of getting booked.

* Understanding the mindset of journalists and producers and how it differs by type of media outlet.

* The surprisingly simple strategy a former Oprah guest booker told me everyone should use when pitching the show.

* How to get other people to promote your book, products and services.

* What you should never wear on a TV show.

* Some simple non-publicity strategies you can use to get the word out.

* Book not out yet? I’ll give you some tricks for how to structure your book so it’ll be a whole lot easier to get publicity and promotional exposure.

* Three keys to maximizing sales from on-air interviews.

I am a graduate of a Steve Harrison program and can highly recommend the value you get out working with him and his brother, Bill. If nothing else, check out this FREE teleseminar to see what you can learn!


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